Currency: Local currency is Russian ruble or RUB. All the cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, hotels, and even some taxis accept credit or debit cards. Ask your guide or the concierge service in your hotel for the closest ATM or bank if you need some cash for personal expenses. Time zones: Russia is the largest country […]

27 апреля, 2020

The easiest way to get from one capital of Russia to another (from St.Petersburg to Moscow and back) is the high-speed train Sapsan. The journey time is about 4 hours.

1 ноября, 2018
Visa Information

Most of the travelers need a visa to come to Russia Visa-free travel is only possible for the citizens of CIS republics, Turkey, Serbia, Israel, Macedonia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Guatemala, Columbia, Nicaragua, Peru, Uruguay, Salvador, Honduras, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Cuba, and some other countries.

31 октября, 2018