City of 1001 palaces

St. Petersburg is the 4-th biggest city in Europe with the population of over 5,5 million people. It is often called “the cultural capital of Russia”.

History and main attractions

St. Petersburg is a unique and exciting city due to its history- from Imperial Russia, through the Soviet Era to present day. It is the city with the largest number of palaces and the deepest metro in the world. A great number of museums, galleries, exhibition halls are open for public visits. They are: the State Russian Museum, Erarta, the Ethnography Museum, Artillery Museum, State Navy Museum, Peter and Paul Fortress, Saviour on the Spilled Blood Cathedral, Mikhailovsky Castle, Yusupoff Palace and others. The State Hermitage Museum with its 5 buildings and over 3 million masterpieces takes a special place in the list of “must visit”.

The former Russia tsars’ palaces and summer residences, such as Catherine Palace with its Amber Room in Pushkin, Grand Palace and parks in Peterhoff (often called the “Russian Versailles”), cozy Paul’s Palace in Pavlovsk, Gatchina Palace in Gatchina are the highlights of St. Petersburg tour.  

What we do

According to the type and budget of your clients we organize:

Different thematic tours will help you to know more about the country you visit. Suggestions: historical tours “Imperial Russia”, “The story of the Romanov Family through the ages”, “St. Petersburg: a cradle of the revolution”, “Petersburg. Petrograd. Leningrad”; Russian literature tours “St. Petersburg of Dostoyevsky”, “Golden and Silver Ages of Russian Poetry”; architectural tours “Russian Baroque Style: born in St. Petersburg”, “St. Petersburg: from classic to Art Nouveau”; cultural tours “St. Petersburg – the city of the theatres”, “Mariinsky Theatre:  from Kirov Ballet to nowadays”, “Mariinsky: Backstage and Performance”, “The city of world religions and confessions”, etc).

Boat trips

Thanks to its numerous rivers and canals St. Petersburg is often called the “Northern Venice”. Tours along the rivers and canals are very popular here. They are possible from the end of April till the middle of October annually.

To enjoy the city from the water we can arrange:

Where to stay

There is a wide range of hotels in St. Petersburg to satisfy demands and wishes of the guests. They vary from 4 **** touristic and business class hotels of International hotel chains (*Radisson, Park Inn, Holiday Inn, etc) to luxury 5***** hotels located right in the heart of the city (Four Seasons, Astoria Rocco Forte, Grand Hotel Belmond, Kempinski Moika 22, Lotte are among them). We have got the direct contracts with almost all hotels of St. Petersburg and you can be sure you’ll get the best possible rates from us!

Dining and going out

St. Petersburg is a centre of gastronomy in Russia indeed! Restaurants and cafes of different cuisine and styles have been opened in the city recently. Many of them are with panoramic view- either a river view or city panoramic over roofs and cathedrals of St. Petersburg. We can reserve a table or order a set menu dinners and lunches for your clients and groups at the Russian cuisine restaurants to taste traditional Russian dishes and drinks. It also can be restaurants with typical Caucasian food (Georgian, Armenian); oriental restaurants and cafes (Japanese, Chinese) — all are available in the city nowadays! We offer dinners with loud shows or in private quiet atmosphere, gala dinners with award ceremony and live music or a disco with a popular local DJ – everything is possible!

St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia: a number of drama and comedy theatres, ballet theatres and opera houses, folk-show programmes can easily prove it. One can find where to go and what to see or listen to in the evening. This city has lots to offer even to very demanding and versed theatre-goers.

Mariinsky Ballet and Opera Theatre (with its 3 stages), Mikhailovskiy Ballet and Opera Theatre, the Hermitage and Alexandrinsky Theatres are the most popular places with the guests of the city.

Conservatoire, Jazz Philharmonic hall and St. Petersburg Capella are good for those who prefer music to other kinds of the theatric arts.     

Best time to visit

The White Nights is the best (and unique!) part of the year (from May to June), when it never gets dark in St. Petersburg and the city never sleeps even at night. Because lots of people stroll along embankments to see the drawbridges. Music and laughter are heard everywhere, as people are away for the hours in countless restaurants and cafes, go for boat rides along the rivers and canals, or simply enjoy the sight of the drawbridges. The White Nights are also the season of special cultural events: art festivals including classical music, jazz, rock music and cinema.  Planning your trip to St. Petersburg during the White Nights, you should be ready to pay for accommodation and travel services more than usual –it is the most expensive season in the city tourism.


Our direct contract with the Seaport of St. Petersburg gives us the right and opportunity to sell and organize touristic programme for guests who come to the city on board the cruise liners. Our travel packages, specially prepared for cruise passengers, include the most interesting cultural points and highlights of the city.

Connection with the capital

The distance between Moscow and St. Petersburg is getting shorter: it takes less than 4 hours now to come from St. Petersburg to Moscow and vice versa, thanks to the regular speed Sapsan trains. They run between 2 cities several times every day (from early morning to late in the evening). Also the trip turned into a real comfort and joy due to the speed and a range of services they provide during en route: drinks and food la carte, souvenirs shopping and showing movies.


High season: May-September
Top HS: "White Nights" (June 11-July 02)

How long

From 3 days


By regular direct flights from Europe and Asia, or connected flights and direct trains from Moscow

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