Moscow: heart of Russia

The capital of Russia is the “city that never sleeps”. Megalopolis of over 12 million of population, major political, commercial, and business centre of the country. It keeps on attracting people from all over the world!


Being around 870 years old Moscow brings through centuries the history of the country: from medieval ages through Soviet era to nowadays. It is seen in the well preserved old town with onion-domed churches, in the Stalinist impressive buildings, and in the new look of Moscow-city´s skyscrapers. Moscow is a mixture of everything!


Explore the very heart of Russia – the Red Square. It is one of the most frequently photographed sights in the world! Discover rich collections of the Moscow museums: Kremlin and Armoury museum, Diamond Hall, Tretyakov Gallery, State Pushkin Art Museum, Modern Art museums and private galleries, Space museum and Tolerance centre, and many others. Walk down the parks that are more like open air museums of the city: VDNKh and the traces of Soviet heritage or Gorky park and the collection of urban sculpture of Museon.

What we do

According to the type and budget of your clients we organize:

MAXIMA has direct contracts with the majority of 4* and 5* hotels of all the international chains: Four Seasons, Baltschug Kempinski, Ritz Carlton, Ararat Park Hyatt, Marriott, Lotte, Intercontinental, Radisson, Park Inn, Holiday Inn, and others. Good partnership with the hotels is a guarantee of the best FIT or group price. One more important note is that all the Moscow hotels have very special rates for the weekends. When all the businessmen who come on corporate trips are gone you can enjoy the 30% discount on the accommodation price.


Moscow is a prefect place for foodies from all over the world. Haute cuisine restaurants of this city are frequently found in various gourmands´ ratings and TOP lists (White Rabbit, Sixty). Actually they got this international fame for a good reason! Enjoy the exquisite meal of molecular cuisine or typical Russian food, in a modern interior or in historic building, or even with a stunning panoramic view on Moscow by night from one of the skyscrapers! If you´ve tried it all, your lunch can also be served on board of a boat that goes through the Moskva-river. MAXIMA with pleasure will book a table for your or organize prepaid dinner for the group.

It is always nice to try something new – don’t hesitate trying traditional Russian tea ceremony with blinis or have caviar tasting, treat yourself with new tastes!

Shopping and going out

Moscow is ideal for shopping with its boutiques and luxury shopping centers like GUM or TSUM that stock all the major international brands. It is almost impossible to skip the wide shop windows without peering inside!

If you wish to go out at night, Moscow can offer quite a few options: ballet or opera night in the Bolshoi theatre, or in other Opera and Ballet theatres of the city, a folklore show with Cossacks and traditional Russian songs, or one of the most famous circuses in the world, named after well-known Russian artist, Nikulin Circus. They put on incredible shows there!

How to get there

Perfect connection! Direct flights form all the main airports, numerous flights per day, 3 big airports – as you see the access to Moscow is quite simple. It is also a very good idea to combine 2 cities and move to St. Petersburg after visiting the capital. High speed train Sapsan goes between 2 capitals in 3.5 hours and connects the city centers saving your time on transfers. Tickets in Business or 1st class are available for more comfortable trip.


All year around (best rates FRI-MON)

How long

From 3 days


By regular direct flights from the main Russian and International airports

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